Frequently Asked Questions

There are no generalised charges for the services. The charges will vary from case to case and client requirements, which will be decided upon preparing the scope of the case, instantly. However, we can assure you that the quote will not attract any extra/hidden charges like travel expenses, fuel expenses etc.

Former CBI Directors, have worked with us as Chief Investigating Officers, who have imparted the best of their work ethics and experience to the other staff which worked under their guidance.

We have provided our services to many big corporate houses and companies. We have also served premier public sector companies/banks of India. However due to confidentiality agreements, we can not name them.

We have our offices in all four major metros of the country, through which we cater to all 4 regions i.e., Northern India (handeled by our Delhi offices), Southern India (handeled by our Chennai branch), Eastern India (handeled by our Kolkata branch) & Western India (handeled by our Mumbai branch), thus covering whole of the country.

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