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Scorpion Verification & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. an India based ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, established in the year 2010 as one of the fastest growing investigation Company in Indian Market. We help in reducing the risk of bad hiring through investigation and verification, having its Corporate and Head Office in India The Regional Offices are situated in each of the Metros of the country. In this short period, the Company has blossomed into fully geared operational units throughout the length and breadth of the country with some operations in the neighboring countries as well.

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The principles and working of Scorpion Verification & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. are ground in the tenets of sincere and factual investigation under changing socio-economic need of the Society; trade, commerce and industry and have been developed over a period of time. Scorpion Verification & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. reports are objective and unbiased. When it is warranted, utmost candor and a certain amount of plain bluntness can be expected from the Company. Our clients can rest assured that they have been provided with factual trust worthy reports.

The Company has an Advisory Board consisting of eminent and experienced people from various fields and walks of life who bring with them rich experience of their vocations. Policy matters and overall business development is looked after by a full-time director. The operational aspects of investigation and execution of assignments are taken care of by the Chief Investigation Officer heading a team of dedicated field operatives. Using a Countrywide network of experienced and erudite personnel drawn from Indian Police Services, Paramilitary Services & Premier Investigative Services of the Government of India, Scorpion Verification & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. excels in furnishing factual information with documentary evidence. The Company supplements the comprehensive data it collects through the use of effective and modern investigative techniques.


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